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Our detailing services team is one of the most experienced in the industry. We develop precise, dimensionally accurate drawings as submittals to architects, contractors or municipal governments. Our architectural detailing services team will make certain that all data is in the correct levels and that it is totally editable. We can create comprehensive detailing in any software’s such as AutoCAD and Revit.

CAD Services

2D CAD Services :

One of our primary services for clients in the AEC industry is 2D AutoCAD drafting. We have a skilled staff of CAD drafters who can assist you with architectural drafting, 2D drafting, and CAD drawings. With the support of efficient and cost-effective technologies and techniques, studio EMERGE assists a diverse variety of customers in sectors such as mechanical engineering, architectural engineering, civil engineering, and structural engineering. Our highly skilled and experienced team of drafters and engineers, who are experts in all parts of 2D drafting and drawing, can provide excellent 2D AutoCAD Drafting services for any sort of design plan.

AutoCAD 2D drawing services assist the building industry at many stages-

  • It is used to build site plans, improve concepts, and draw technical drawings.
  • It allows us to communicate ideas with colleagues and clients in the industry.
  • We can customize drawings and templates more clearly using these services.
  • It helps colleagues and clients to work together more effectively.
  • We can complete stages such as schematic design and Tender packages for Architects and consultants. Further to which we can complete all drawings that undergo design development and finally can provide packages that is suitable for Construction.
  • We also under take As-built drawing preparation.

2D Concrete Shop Drawings :

An important service for General contractors, subcontractors, and Design-Build contractors across the globe is our 2D concrete drafting services.Before raising RFIs and resolving any differences, we make sure that all drawings from all disciplines, such as Architecture, Structure, and Civils, are fully coordinated. Through a well-structured SOP, we have a strict system for documenting and tracking timeframes.

General contractors, subcontractors, and Design-Build contractors benefit from our 2D concrete drafting services. We have a skilled staff of CAD drafters who can assist you with architectural drafting, 2D drafting, and cad drawings. Before raising RFIs and resolving any differences, we make sure that all drawings from all disciplines, such as Architecture, Structure, and Civils, are fully coordinated. Through a well-structured SOP, we have a strict system for documenting and tracking timeframes.

Rebar Detailing Services

Studio EMERGE is a trustworthy rebar service with almost a decade’s experience in detailing, drawing, and 3D modeling & estimation. We implement top-notch global industry standards like ASTM, ACI, CRSI, AASHTO, RSIO, BS 8666, etc. We have the necessary experience and manpower and have handled the task of detailing 2500+ tons of rebar per month, for our clients across the globe.

Our detailing and estimation services are well suited for structural engineers, rebar fabricators, steel erectors, detailers, general contractors, concrete contractors, and designers.

The skillful team of rebar detailers at Studio EMERGE begin with the meticulous shop drawings which include the bends, shapes, lap splices, and other specific requirements for the placement of the reinforcing steel. These detailed drawings provided accurate information regarding the placements and thereby simplifying the work of the ironworkers and reducing the installation cost. At this stage, any issues regarding project constructability are promptly handled even before the first piece of rebar is bent or sheered.

Our major focus is on rebar detailing for medium and large-sized civil engineering projects inclusive of large foundations, stadiums, elevated railway structures, superstructures for bridges, school buildings, public buildings, shopping malls, marine structures, auditoriums, hospitals, water treatment plants, parking garages, walls, slabs, stairs, and canopies.

MEP Shop drawings

Details for the fabrication and installation of sheet metal work, HVAC piping, plumbing, electrical and fire protection are embedded in our coordination shop drawings. We have amongst our clientele engineering consultants, general contractors, MEP subcontractors, fabricators, product manufacturers and facility managers from North America, Europe and Australia. Over the years, we have executed a diverse array of projects in residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Electrical Shop Drawings :

Studio EMERGE utilizes the possibilities and capabilities of Building Information Modeling is producing accurate shop fabrication drawings for electrical elements. Before drawing extraction, elements such as cable trays, equipment and fixtures are spatially coordinated with plumbing & HVAC systems, and clashes are eliminated while ensuring there is adequate clearance. Shop drawings thus produced are used by trade contractors to prefabricate the electrical assemblies and subsequently install them at site. We provide exact dimensions of electrical equipment, accurate layout details to make installations run smoothly.

Our electrical modeling engineers make sure to illustrate and notate each element in the lighting power systems. We take care to depict every time of component and connection with appropriate symbol and detailing. Locations of Fixtures, equipment and appliances are carefully marked with manufacturer identifications.

Our Electrical Detailing Service :

  • Electrical design drawing documentation
  • Virtual coordination with other systems
  • Parts & Assembly Shop Drawings
  • Cable routing
  • Lighting & power layouts
  • Termination diagrams
  • Fire alarm drawings

Plumbing Shop Drawings :

Plumbing shop drawings are the technical drawings of freshwater supply pipes, and solid and liquid water waste pipes with dimensions, and plumbing fixtures represented with appropriate colour coding. Plumbing shops are one of the core MEP engineering services offered to plumbing contractors and fabricators. Our sensibly generated shop drawings offer a high level of detailing for a smooth and efficient fabrication, and installation of plumbing systems. Our 3D MEP coordination services detect and resolve any discrepancies and altercations between several mechanical systems, even before they are assembled at the site.

Our Plumbing Services :

  • Plumbing BIM modeling
  • Plumbing Coordination & clash resolution
  • Shop drawings & Assembly drawings
  • As-built drawings

Our Plumbing modelers possess extensive knowledge in mechanical machine shop processes of various elements and understand the value of precision when it comes to preparing the plumbing fabrication drawings. They have widespread exposure to coordinating and collaborating with various MEP systems in a diversified range of projects. Our teams use their in-depth and versatile experience to utilize a befitting combination of technical expertise and strategies that are well-suited for a project.

Well-versed and experienced in all the leading MEP BIM software tools, our team easily adapts to the client’s preferred software and practices. Only after resolving the discrepancies between the varied mechanical systems do we extract the plumbing shop drawings from the integrated MEP BIM model. Meaning, any design changes made in one system will be automatically updated across the entire MEP model.

HVAC Duct Shop Drawing :

Ducting shop drawings provide the mechanical contractors and fabricators with detailed information on how the ducts and equipment are placed in the building. They help the involved parties to make sure that their systems do not collide or clash with each other enabling better and more efficient collaboration amongst them. We provide accurate duct shop drawings for sheet metal contractors, fabricators and engineers allowing them to prefabricate the components on time, for efficient site installation. We leverage the benefits of BIM to produce accurate and clash-free duct shop drawings and duct layouts.

Our HVAC BIM Services :

  • Duct shop drawings & layouts.
  • HVAC piping shop drawings.
  • Air handling units modeling.
  • Duct fittings models.
  • Air cleaners & filters modeling.
  • Fire dampers, grilles, coils, and fans modeling.
  • HVAC clash detection & resolution.
  • Humidifiers and dehumidifiers modeling.
  • Mechanical room BIM modeling.

3D Modeling Services

Designers may now produce 1:1 scale virtual models of buildings thanks to the replacement of AutoCAD drafting with BIM. Floor plans, sections, and elevations are designed by capturing photos from various perspectives, which is one of the most powerful components of our 3D modeling service.

  • Our 3D model outsourcing services are designed to boost the accuracy of design decisions by introducing coordination and collaboration between diverse architectural, structural, and MEP disciplines.
  • We provide construction plans with clash-free 3D modeling services, allowing contractors to avoid rework and save money and time.
  • Any changes to any element would be automatically propagated throughout the model to maintain consistency. There is a flexibility to expand as we can add mechanical, electrical, and plumbing equipment to the existing Revit architectural background or rotate it in different directions to see the building from other angles. This aids in the detection and avoidance of conflicts between various construction systems.
  • Our offerings can be examined by general contractors, manufacturers, designers, engineers, architects, and other project stakeholders.

Revit Family Creation :

BIM families demand particular knowledge because each and every element of the family must be modeled while keeping the family's geometry in mind. studio EMERGE has trained and built a specialist team that focuses only on Revit family creation projects, ensuring high-quality results.

Benefits :

We use visuals to illustrate the parameters of genuine equipment and necessary geometrical components of various elements such as windows, Facade elements, tables, chairs, walls, and so on with Revit family Creation.

  • Other aspects such as formula and imported data results in a superior surface quality.
  • Aids in the creation of more accurate models, regardless of size or design.
  • Allows for realistic and cost-effective model resizing.
  • Appears realistic, feasible and includes correct constructional documentation.
  • Used for precise building analysis and estimating.

Architectural Revit BIM Modeling :

Our BIM modeling services, though relatively new, are appreciated by our customers for their excellent technical standards, quick turnaround time, and affordable pricing. Architectural 3D modeling service is one of our key services. Some of our clientele include architects, general contractors, stakeholders, owners, and builders. Studio EMERGE continues to offer a plethora of Architectural BIM services to clients from various industries across the globe.

Furthermore, our data-rich Revit BIM models can be used for clash detection, coordination, analysis, visualizations & renderings, extracting construction documentation, schedules & quantifications, facility operations, and management. Different Levels of Detailing, ranging from LOD 100 to LOD 500, can be incorporated into our BIM models as per your project requirement, enabling a seamless transit from CAD to BIM.

Structural Revit BIM Modeling :

Our efficient team of structural engineers and steel detailers with proficiency in Autodesk Revit offers structural BIM services for concrete & steel structures, regardless of their complexity, volume, or location across the globe. Our high-precision structural BIM models can additionally be used for structural analysis and the extraction of shop drawings that assists onsite construction.

Powered by cutting-edge technologies and the best minds in the industry, we offer structural 3D modeling services that are focused on facilitating better structural visualization and helping our clients translate their design concepts through accurate 3D models. Our extensive skill base and experience allow us to accomplish structural 3D modeling projects through the latest technologies. Our dedicated team of structural engineers and modelers can work as an extension of your team to transform your ideas into 3D structural models, thereby drastically cutting down on manufacturing and developmental costs.

Our Structural BIM services :

  • Revit BIM structural modeling
  • Construction documentation
  • Precast detailing / modeling
  • Structural BIM / family content creation
  • Revit structural steel detailing
  • As-Built / Scan to BIM structural drawings
  • Schedules and Quantities/BOQs

MEP & HVAC Revit BIM Modeling :

Studio Emerge delivers MEP 3D Modeling, MEP BIM, and detailed construction documentation to retailers, homeowners, architects, and general contractors. Our MEP services include 3D MEP Coordination and clash detection. We cater to customers in residential, offices, leisure, healthcare, education, and commercial sectors across the world. Our MEP drafting services assist in the creation of detailed coordination drawings of numerous systems, thereby providing high-functional coordination with all the individual designs of the building.

We provide reliable and high-quality services abiding by the international industrial standards established by ASHRAE, SMACNA, NFPA, and IEEE.

Our MEP/HVAC BIM services :

  • Revit BIM MEP / HVAC modeling
  • MEP / HVAC shop drawings
  • Scan to BIM /point cloud MEP / HVAC modeling
  • MEP content creation and parametric families
  • As-Built drawings
  • Schedules and Quantities / BOQs

Facade Revit BIM Modeling :


Our integrated Façade BIM services enable you to evaluate important elements of building design, improve functionality and performance, and provide aesthetics combined with sustainability. Our skilled team have successfully delivered 1000+ façade BIM modeling projects, etching our name in the AEC industry. The facade solutions from Studio EMERGE encompass Aluminum curtain walling systems, structural glazing (2-way and 4-way), spider glazing system, metal composite panel cladding, metal canopies, doors, windows, and Skylights.

Our Facade BIM services :

  • Facade BIM modeling
  • As-Built drawings
  • Profile systems detailing
  • ACP detailing
  • Curtain wall detailing
  • Shop/fabrication drawings
  • Structural and architectural glazing detailing

BIM Coordination :

At Studio EMERGE, aided by the experience gained over the decade, our team of highly competent BIM engineers leads the way for the BIM coordination process. Our BIM engineers’ proficiency in Autodesk Navisworks™ enables them to follow through on constructability reviews, clash detection and generation of clash reports and conducting coordination meetings with our clients. Our global clientele includes Architects, Engineers, and MEP contractors.

Our BIM Coordination services :

  • Coordination between the architectural and structural elements
  • Coordination of the MEP/HVAC elements with the architectural and structural elements
  • Coordination of Facade elements with the structural elements

Two-Stage Method of Clash Detection :

We understand that the unidentified clashes are the foremost reason for budget overruns in a construction project. To overcome this loss, we have devised a unique two-stage method for clash detection to help you save time by reducing reworks and reducing budget overruns at the same time.

  • Stage 1 : Conducting coordination using a BIM tool
  • Stage 2 : Carrying out clash detection using Autodesk Navisworks.

This two-stage method assures that no clashes are left unattended and ensures the client receives the coordinated drawings.

Scan to BIM Services / Point Cloud Modeling :

Studio EMERGE offers Point Cloud to BIM and Laser scan to BIM conversion services using Revit to its global clientele of engineers, architects, general contractors, civil contractors, and construction companies. Armed with the latest industrial practices and the international industrial standards & codes, our highly competent team of BIM engineers transform your scan/point cloud data into a highly detailed BIM model using Revit. We ensure that the intelligent BIM model developed at Studio EMERGE accommodates as-Built, retrofit, renovation, re-construction, and refurbishment purposes.

We require the following inputs from the client’s side :

  • Laser scanned data of the building or structure.
  • Site photographs and photosphere of the structure.
  • Final model and design drawings (if available).

List of deliverables from Scan to BIM :

  • 3D model creation at LOD 500.
  • As-built drawings and documentation.
  • As-built elevation and plan view drawings.