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Who We Are

We are a design firm that specializes in detailing and bespoke architecture. Our strength is in preparing 2D shop drawings, and 3D BIM services in detailing.

We manage numerous typologies such as Villas, High-rise apartments, Gated communities, Restaurants, Club houses, Commercial complexes, and Institutional projects.

sE can provide you with design and execution expertise based on over 10 years of experience.

  • Turnarounds that are quick and on time.
  • Drawing outputs that are consistent and of high quality.
  • Drawings that conform to the norms of your country.
  • Establish a strong cooperation before starting the project.
  • Adequate detailing to enable you plan the sequence of construction and in the process, save cost.
  • Well-thought-out strategy to resolve RFI's.
Years Experience

What does EMERGE mean?

For the first time ever, Emerge is being born out of our collective knowledge, creativity, and talent.

Employees, clients, and all of us benefit from the expanded opportunities created by Emerge.

It also aligns with the mindset of starting with concrete detailing and progressing to rebar detailing, MEP detailing, and estimation, among other things.

We will keep pushing our limits while maintaining the concept of growth and novelty.

Our team


Sundeep Babhu

Founder, Vice President - Operations

Sundeep is in charge of diverse teams that are working on establishing new and more efficient workflows. He ensures that they are always up to date on new technology and that they diversify into new markets. He runs the design department at studio EMERGE with the help of his creative expertise.


Monisha Prabhakar

Chief of Client Relations

Recognizing that the entire globe is a market, Monisha is always eager to capitalize on the worldwide potential for sE. She is confident that sE can provide excellent service to clients all over the world. Her job is to learn about worldwide client needs and make sure that sE meets or surpasses their expectations on all fronts.

Our Mission

To always be in the forefront of providing outsourced services to contractors, developers, and other businesses.

Our Vision

To establish operational centers in a variety of locations and provide opportunity for people to lead, with each location focusing on different aspects of the business.


  • We care for People. We aspire to create a culture of warmth and belonging!
  • We are indebted to originality and modernity in all our designs.
  • We connect with Trust and Transparency.
  • We give it our all with no flaws in all we do.
  • We deliver on-time, every time!


We are only getting started on the first concept, and it won't end there. More ideas will germinate, and our ideas will emerge from the buried situation in which we currently find ourselves. We will emerge into the world's open view. We will impact people's lives including our clients' and everyone will be benefited out of it.


To contribute to the lives of many people by establishing centers of excellence through cutting-edge knowledge and technology.